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Danny Ainge still keeping in regular touch with Celtics top brass

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck still exchanges text messages with Ainge about once a week. President of basketball operations Brad Stevens, who was hired by Ainge as the Celtics’ coach in 2013 before replacing him as lead executive last spring, said he and Ainge remain in frequent contact. Assistant general manager Austin Ainge speaks to his father every day. “I was telling him what I think they should be doing against the Mavericks, and he was telling me what he saw against the Nets,” Austin Ainge said. “We even talk about playoff series neither of our teams are involved in. But he’s been rooting very hard for us and is very invested. He obviously cares for us in the front office. He worked with us for so many years. He’s super-invested in the players. He spent hours and hours with these guys, and of course he’s pulling for them.”
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ASB: What has the transition been like for you, to not be as involved in the basketball decision-making side of things which as we both know, can be extremely taxing over time? Danny Ainge: “It has been taxing. I have a great staff of people. It’s just an opportunity to let them do more and have a say. Brad and Mike and Austin have been there a long time; just giving them a chance. I’m anxious to see how it all works out.”