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Austin Ainge Rumors

Danny Ainge didn’t make the trip to the NBA’s draft combine, and while he’s doing just fine in his recovery from a mild heart attack, it’s clear from sources here that he’s going to need his energy. The Celtics will have the option to undergo a major roster renovation – in part by choice and also by the decisions of others – and Ainge and his staff will need to make some very large decisions in short order. Austin Ainge told the Herald on Thursday that his father is very much looking forward to staying on the job.
Storyline: Danny Ainge Health
“You know what, he feels great,” said Austin, here at the combine in his role as the Celts’ director of player personnel. “His doctors say he’s got a great prognosis. It’s one of those issues that it’s scary in the moment, but they found it and fixed it, and he feels good. “He’s doing great. He really is. He’s been back to pretty much life as normal. He’s been at the office. He’s been at a few draft workouts. He’s talked with Brad [Stevens]. He did exit interviews with the players. So pretty much life as normal.”