Australia Rumors

After negotiations with the Kings, which involves a small stake in the team, Bogut signed a two-year deal and confirmed on Tuesday that he’s retiring from the NBA, after spending 13 seasons in the world’s top league. The catalyst for the move, he says, wasn’t just choosing to spend time with his family in Australia, but committing to it. “I’ve been through a lot but so has my wife,” Bogut told
The 33-year-old understands the position he holds in the Australian sports community, and wanted to make it clear that his decision to sign in Sydney wasn’t just for show. “I think that’s the wrong mindset,” Bogut said of even thinking about NBA out clauses. “It only hurts the game and the NBL and myself. I wanna come back here and be fully committed.” “It’s like, I’m staying. I’m committed to you guys. I wanna be in Australia. Like I said, if I’m gonna commit to it, I’m gonna commit to it.
Storyline: Andrew Bogut Free Agency
Marc Stein: Didn’t really buy into their whole pursuit-of-@KingJames thing … but maybe the @NZBreakers and their new American owners (led by @mattyvincent44 + @matrix31) have more juice than I thought. Here’s the ex-NBAer Walsh yesterday (for real) trying to win the fandom of @BarackObama.