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In speaking with JJ Reddick on “The Old Man and The Three” podcast last week, the 34-year-old explained why he doesn’t care that he didn’t win the NBA Finals MVP in 2015 even though he thought he deserved it. “So the question, I feel like, do I deserve it? For sure because I feel like comparisons, what’s that saying? Comparison’s the thief of joy,” Curry told Reddick.
Curry then went on to say that the narrative around who should win the Finals MVP was distracting, but it ultimately didn’t stand in the way of the Warriors’ ultimate goal. “So I felt like, obviously, we’re not winning the Finals if I didn’t play the way that I played, I felt like I played extremely well,” Curry said. “We don’t win the Finals unless Andre [Iguodala] plays that way he did and that adjustment working and him giving us such a huge boost throughout the whole series. “So we both thought we probably deserved it.”