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The Basketball Africa League’s second season will begin March 5, 2022, in Dakar, Senegal, the BAL have confirmed after sources told ESPN’s The Undefeated. The 2022 season will include 12 club teams from 12 African countries that will also play games in Cairo and Kigali, Rwanda. The BAL season will also expand to a total of 38 games, with 15 games in Dakar from March 5-15, 15 games in Cairo from April 9-19 and an eight-game playoffs and BAL Finals in Kigali from May 21-28.
Who knows what dreams the Basketball Africa League, now underway in Kigali, might spark? Maybe one of those young men will make the NBA. But let’s dream bigger: Maybe, a few years from now, that young man won’t have to leave Africa to play basketball at an elite level. Maybe there will be a league on the continent, providing opportunity not just for the people on the court, but the entire ecosystem that exists around professional sports. Media. Medical. Marketing. And investment. More investment, less charity. This is what Africa wants. The impact of the 12-team, 12-nation BAL will go beyond the lines of the basketball court. Economically, the potential for growth is phenomenal – even for those without an interest in our great game, the commercial opportunities and avenues for investment in advertising, broadcasting, merchandise, and more, will bring transformative money into African economies.