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Barack Obama Rumors

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr says he got a text from former President Barack Obama on the team’s NBA championship win — unlike his star point guard, Steph Curry, who apparently got a phone call. The legendary Warriors coach shared the congratulatory message from the former president during an interview before the parade in San Francisco Monday afternoon.
The “Black Lives Matter” decals are gone from the court. There are no social justice messages on the backs of jerseys and no one is kneeling during the playing of the national anthem. Today, the NBA’s activism is conducted in part out of a home office inside a brick, two-story home in Washington, D.C. Built in 1925, the front porch has four columns and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, all of it underneath an open-air, second-story balcony. The home covers 4,200 square feet and is worth more than $1.4 million. There are four beds and four baths. Inside the office, James Cadogan, 40, has a framed photo of him and former President Barack Obama, for whom he first worked as a campaign aide in 2008, and another photo of him with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whom he served as senior counsel when she headed the U.S. Department of Justice. Also on the wall is Cadogan’s Michael Jordan shooting shirt from 1992.
Finally, Butler is frequently mentioning his favorite part about coffee is not necessarily the drink itself; instead it’s the conversations shared over a cup. He still has some Heat members he needs to sip with (Pat Riley included), but when asked who his dream coffee shop hang is, Butler was unsurprisingly all over the board. “Man, way to put me on the spot. I got three people, right? I would definitely pick Neymar, I’m a huge fan. I would pick Barack Obama. I want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Obama. And then lastly, I would pick [long pause] Emma Raducanu. She’s a young baller, She’s a monster. If I could share a cup with those three, I think I’d be having a great time.”
Legendary basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who earned the moniker “Magic” for his superior talents as a high school baller, debuted the first episode of his Apple TV+ series “They Call Me Magic” Saturday at Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. The four-part project, directed by Rick Famuyiwa (“Dope,” “The Wood”) streams starting April 22. The series features famous fans like Snoop Dogg (who shows off his Lakers arm tattoo), Samuel L. Jackson, Jimmy Kimmel and former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Filmmakers also talked to several athletes including Johnson’s Lakers teammate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – whom Johnson annoyed by playing Parliament-Funkadelic on a boom-box – Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.
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