Barack Obama Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers reportedly voted to end the season and leave the bubble. The meeting broke with tension among divided players and the season in jeopardy. While speaking to Bill Simmons on “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” Lakers forward Jared Dudley said the first night, he was “70-30” that the season was going to end. However, Dudley said a call from Obama had a huge impact on players deciding to resume.
Storyline: Players Boycott
“I think Obama’s phone call to Chris Paul, [Andre] Iguodala, and LeBron [James] to seal the deal of how he would handle it, getting a leadership group together, how we were going to attack the owners. And then once we put that to bed, it was time, after talking to ‘Bron after he talked to Obama, it was like, ‘If Obama said it, what other better advice can we get?’ … I said, ‘There’s nothing else to talk about. We’re playing.'”
Dudley said that the next day, after sleeping on it, tensions had simmered and he felt more confident in resuming the season. Obama’s call helped get the players back on track. In total, three days of playoff games were missed from the protests. “Once we went in that room and we all decided to play, man, we flipped the switch so fast to be like, ‘Hey, listen, this is our title to win, let’s go get it.'”
The Harlem native said his dreams felt more attainable after he watched Barack Obama elected president in 2008. Bamba, just a fifth grader at the time, wrote a letter to President Obama along with his classmates. “I was so happy that history was made. Not so many times you wake up with an African American president. My family, friends and teachers were so happy and my principal cried. President Obama, you encourage me and all of America to follow their dreams. We could be anything. You opened a door to everyone,” the letter read, in part.