BC Nizhny Novgorod Rumors

The announcement includes a brief (rare) interview with Babbitt. Here’s an excerpt thanks to Google Translator. I’ve tried to clean it up slightly. Why did you move from the strongest league in the world (NBA) to Nizhny Novgorod? “I wanted to play for a team that will give me the opportunity to show what I can do on the court. I will try to prove that I was able to [play a] complete game and can do more than just [shoot] a three-pointer. In this sense, the situation in Nizhny Novgorod – a great opportunity for me.” Is this the first time you’ve played in Europe? Do you think that basketball is different from the U.S.? “This is the third time I’m going to play in Europe. [I] participated in several tournaments when I was in high school and college. I think the game is a little different in style and there are some other rules to which I will have to adapt.”