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Becky Hammon Rumors

Yet it is difficult to ignore the colder, harsher reality that contributed to Hammon’s decision to leave the NBA mere months after she emerged as one of two finalists for the Portland Trail Blazers’ head coaching job. Hammon herself touched on it to a degree in a virtual news conference Monday introducing her as the Aces’ new head coach. That reality: Hammon was not nearly as close to landing an NBA head coaching job as the NBA community, for its own image benefits, likes to pretend. “NBA jobs are hard to get,” Hammon said. “In some ways I felt like the NBA maybe is close. In other ways, I feel like they’re a long ways off from hiring [a woman as a head coach]. I don’t know when it could happen.”
Storyline: Becky Hammon Head Coach?
All of that made Hammon a pioneer who, rather than simply making career choices based on personal preference, is expected to factor in the implications for all of the women in coaching who aspire to work in the NBA. It’s not very fair to her. If she doesn’t want to wait around any longer, trying to work out that riddle about how close or far she truly stands from her dream job, she has every right to make the choice that makes her happiest. It also doesn’t hurt that, according to one well-placed approximation, Hammon is poised to be paid in the $1 million range annually — more than double what Bill Laimbeer, her predecessor with the Aces, was making.