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Hammon is entering her eighth season as an assistant and has been interviewed for several head coach openings but hasn’t gotten an offer to be the first woman to lead a NBA team. “There’s 30 jobs and they are incredibly hard to get,” Hammon said in a phone interview on Tuesday. “When I saw there are 30 jobs, not all 30 are available, so I’m really talking about three or four and they are really hard to get.”

Becky Hammon: NBA head coaching jobs are incredibly hard to get

SI: I know you’ve said that you do not want to make news if you become a head coach in the NBA just because you’d be the first woman to do so. But knowing that mantle would still be momentous and historic, has the process of trying to become a head coach in the NBA been more difficult than you thought it would be before you were hired by San Antonio? Becky Hammon: I think you can throw the female, male thing out the door. There’s 30 jobs. They are incredibly hard to get. And when I say 30 jobs, not all 30 are available, right? So there’s like maybe four or five that are available. And the amount of pressure and scrutiny that comes with each of those jobs, they’re just really hard to get. …
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Becky Hammon: So for me, you know that process, I think I get better every time I go through it and walk through that door. But at the end of the day, an organization is gonna hire me because I’m the best coach for the job. And all the stuff that comes after that will come. There’s no stopping that tidal wave. And I think, for me, it’s always a fine line of not overlooking or underestimating or downplaying the moment. But my primary focus has to be to become the best coach that I can be, and be there for my players, for whatever organization is the right fit for me?
SI: Building off that, what do you learn about yourself in every head coach interview you’ve done, and have you walked away from any feeling extremely confident that you’d get the job? BH: They’re all a little bit different. Each team conducts their interview process a little differently, even how they get to their initial list of who they want to bring in and talk to, it’s different across the board. And, to me, I’m never going to be the coach that says, ‘O.K., what do they want to hear?’ I’m not going in there and telling them what they want to hear. I’m going to go in there and tell them about me, what I believe about their team, what I believe about myself, what I believe about the projection of their team, what I feel like they can be. Those are the things I’m going to speak to.