Becky Hammon Rumors

What needs to happen to get more women in this field and also more women of color? Jessica Holtz: It really is seeing is believing. [San Antonio Spurs head coach] Gregg Popovich, I love what he did [recently] when [Spurs assistant coach] Becky Hammon was coaching after he was ejected. It was a really important moment in sports to see a woman in a head-coaching job in the NBA, but she was really qualified and he always knew that. And he put her in that position day one, when it wasn’t popular, it wasn’t something that people are necessarily doing. … We need men to be arm in arm with us in order to gain that equal footing, and for men to be able to look past what’s in front of you and say, ‘You know what, she is the best person for the job.’ Even if this isn’t a job traditionally held by women and women of color. And that’s where the men can really step up and help us on this journey.
Boris Diaw remembers Hammon’s rookie season as an assistant coach and her figuring out the rapid transition from star WNBA player to assistant coach. “Back then she was becoming a rookie coach and she was in that early transition from playing to becoming a coach; as all the young coaches, you could tell she was looking for what to do and how to do it because it’s different from playing,” Diaw said. “There was not even a reaction (to her being a woman). It was normal. Nobody was saying, ‘We have a woman assistant.’ The question never even came up.”
Storyline: Becky Hammon Head Coach?
Andre Miller: “Oh she’s going to definitely be the first female NBA head coach,” he said. “It’s just a matter of time. I wouldn’t be surprised that when Pop does decide to retire that she’d be next in line. It’s a perfect situation. She knows the community, she knows management, and she’s reliable and she expects it. It’s easy to make that transition. She’s primed and ready.” (For the record, several of Popovich’s former assistants and players have gone on to be NBA coaches and two are general managers.)