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Beijing Ducks Rumors

“This decision has really been the hardest in my life,” Lin, who has complained about the rough-house treatment he received in the CBA, told his seven million followers in a video on the Twitter-like Weibo. “Every morning I would wake up at 4am or 5am, thinking, thinking and thinking all the time. “In the end, although Shougang (the Ducks) has treated me incredibly well … giving me everything I wanted, in the end, I feel that I still have NBA dreams. “I still have time to play (there) and I have to chase this.”
2 years ago via CNA
NBA champion Jeremy Lin demanded better protection in the Chinese Basketball Association after he needed hospital treatment and temporarily lost his hearing following the Beijing Ducks’ semi-final defeat. The 31-year-old complained of an array of injury problems after the Guangdong Southern Tigers edged the Ducks 88-85 for a hard-fought 2-1 series win, ending Lin’s first season in China. Lin, who last year became the first Asian-American to win the NBA championship with the Toronto Raptors, was left bent double on court after his buzzer-beater missed, and appeared emotional following the defeat.
He told his seven million followers on China’s Twitter-like Weibo that “I didn’t sleep all night” following Saturday’s agonising loss. “Frankly speaking, such a defeat is heart-breaking, it really hurts,” said Lin, a guard whose 2012 heroics for the New York Knicks sparked a frenzy dubbed “Linsanity”. Speaking on Chinese state television on Monday, Lin said he had problems with his ankles, knees, neck and ears, and would need a second trip to the hospital for his hearing. “My condition isn’t very good because, as we all know, the competition is fierce for both teams,” he said.
Not everybody was in attendance to receive the ring on opening night. Former Raptors reserve is now playing for the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball League. He didn’t get his ring until January. The Raptors hand-delivered it to a family member in California, who brought it to Lin in China. Lin (from Inside the Green Room with ): “Funny story actually. I tried to get them to ship it. I was like, ‘Hey, just ship out the ring.’ The Raptors were kinda like, ‘Hey, not sure how to explain this to you but this isn’t really an item that you ship.’ And I’m like, ‘Why? It’s not that big. It should be pretty simple.’ They’re like, ‘Well, one, it’s a really precious item but, two, there’s a lot of other stuff that comes with it.’ I didn’t know at the time there was the jacket from Drake, there was the bottle of champagne and a video game.”
2 years ago via TSN