Bert Kolde Rumors

And almost always, Allen stops in the private suite, perhaps to indulge in Papa Haydn desserts, or his other favorite Portland delicacy, Escape From New York Pizza. But on Saturday, as Bert Kolde, his right-hand man and director on the Blazers’ board, stopped off at the suite, Allen trudged on. He didn’t say a word to either Olshey or Kolde. And as he inched down the hallway at a snail’s pace, he didn’t look up but once, to slightly veer from a ballboy wheeling a cart hauling water coolers. I’ve never seen Allen provided with such a berth. And I’ve never seen him walk so slowly, or with such a dejection.
I don’t think people question that you want to be GM,but I think people wonder if Bert (Kolde) wants to be GM: “No Bert, doesn’t want … No. Neither of us. Being the GM is a full-time job. You are talking to teams, you are down here with coaching staff, it’s a full-time … I mean, don’t get me wrong, Bert has always been super enthusiastic about the Blazers, as obviously I have been, but neither of us have ambitions to be full-time GM. You want someone who has that depth of basketball experience, who has lived, eaten, breathed basketball for most of their lives. So, you know, I would love to have … I already hired (Cho) for this season, but that wasn’t meant to be so now we move forward.”