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The company intends to amplify fan engagement using games, betting, athlete integration and immersive social experiences while educating and empowering bettors. “The difficulty of it and how high the entry point is—it just has to be simplified,” said Garnett, who was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2020 with Tim Duncan and the late Kobe Bryant. “One of the reasons we want to bring Gaming Society to fruition is to create smarter bettors. We hope to provide the information and tools to understand and make you a better bettor. We’ll teach fundamental education and provide education enhancement.”
The Betting Academy: Hoops Edition podcast launched in January featuring NBA champion Kendrick Perkins and longtime sports-producer Gina Paradiso as they weave the culture of basketball into sports betting. “The first goal is to have each athlete not just be seen for their talent and skill, but seen for their expertise,” said Garnett, a 15-time NBA All-Star, 2004 NBA MVP and 2008 NBA Champion. “We’re going to highlight players who are great and provide them a platform in this new industry. Their insights and voice will give bettors the tools to make more informed bets. We’re very focused on information and education.”
“For us, what the FanDuel relationship will do is No. 1, will include a sportsbook in the arena for fans to enter. That book will be open even days when there aren’t any Suns games because they’ll have access from the outside. And then also the state legislature just approved legislation for mobile gaming. And then I think the final piece of that is you’ll see a difference on the way games are broadcasted in the future. Whether it’d be different opportunities during the broadcast for those clients who want to partake in that, but you’re going to see FanDuel name a lot next season in terms of advertising with our team. They’re one of the marquee partners in that space and our goal is always try to one in ourselves with the best possible sponsors. It’s just another piece of our technology formation with companies that are kind of at the forefront including as I said Verizon and PayPal and how our clients do business with us when they’re in the arena, and in the case of FanDuel, when they’re not in the arena.