Bill Cartwright Rumors

“I’d have to say after he came back, I really didn’t like the guy [Michael Jordan],” Longley wrote in Running With the Bulls. “I found him difficult to be around and he and I obviously didn’t see eye-to-eye. We were at each other’s throats in practice and … that was a case of frustration from both of us, mostly from him.” […] Longley didn’t know about the casual wickedness Jordan dished out to big-man teammates like Bill Cartwright and Will Perdue (whom he called “Will Vanderbilt,” because he thought Perdue didn’t deserve to be named after a Big Ten school). One day in practice shortly after Jordan came back, it was Longley’s turn. Jordan tried to throw the ball to Longley while he was moving traffic in the post. Longley dropped it. “Drop another one of my passes,” Jordan said, “and I’ll hit you in the head with it.” The quote wound up in a Sam Smith article in the Chicago Tribune. It hung around Longley’s neck for years.
Krause always called himself a scout at heart, and his success as a talent evaluator in two sports over such a long career spoke as much to his work ethic as his skill and love for his craft. “He had a real ability to see how people ticked,” said Bill Cartwright, the starting center on the first three Bulls title teams whom Krause later hired as head coach. “He knew exactly what he was looking for in players and personalities to fit a role on that particular team. “What kind of person you were, how tough you were, played a lot into what he thought of you. If he believed you were a good person, he had your back. Character really mattered to him.”