Bill Clinton Rumors

In recent weeks, there have been increasing whispers that one of the Bucks’ tri-majority owners, Marc Lasry, may relinquish some of his duties, if not all of them, with the professional basketball team if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Clinton has a slight lead over Donald Trump in a highly contentious race. Election day is Tuesday. It’s no secret Lasry is a staunch Democrat and strong supporter of both Hillary and former President Bill Clinton. The Center for Responsive Politics reported Lasry has donated nearly $500,000 to Democratic candidates.
This isn’t the first time Lasry’s name has surfaced for a government position. In 2013, he was under consideration to be the United States’ ambassador to France. He withdrew his name, reportedly because of business considerations. Lasry is the chairman, chief executive office and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group. His company is based in New York City and has offices around the world, including Munich, Milan and Madrid. His group allegedly manages assets of nearly $11 billion. Lasry, who was born in Morocco before immigrating to the U.S. when he was 7 years old, and Wes Edens became co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks in April 2014.
“It’s hard to tell a kid that you need to get out there and compete because it’s going to decrease your chance of having diabetes 30-40 years from now. No kid wants to hear that,” he said. “As a kid growing up, it was fun trash talking with your buddies and competing with your friends. That’s what made getting out and being active, fun. I certainly wasn’t thinking about health issues 30-40 years from now. “We have to promote to them that it’s OK to be competitive. I think we’ve gone in the completely opposite direction of saying, ‘Everybody is a winner, you come in 10th place and you still get a trophy.’ I think it’s more fun when kids actually compete and they understand who finished 1-2-3. If I’m third, the person that’s first is probably going to be talking trash and it’s going to motivate me to be No. 1. But it’s all in a very good-hearted way.”