Bill Hunter Rumors

Once signatures are collected from 30 percent of the players, that petition is filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB could then take an estimated 45 days to verify the petition and schedule an actual decertification vote. Disbanding the union requires a simple majority of players voting for decertification, but the union would continue to exist while the NLRB is arranging the vote and thus could theoretically continue negotiations with the league before the Players Association is dissolved. “I’ve been ready to sign a decertification petition since July?” Nets guard Deron Williams tweeted Saturday. “Can’t believe we are just now going this route! SMH.”
Sources on the ownership side, however, believe that the pre-emptive federal lawsuit filed by the NBA during the summer could potentially take the sting out of any potential decertification. There is even stronger conviction among many league insiders in questioning whether a majority of players would indeed have the stomach to go through with full-on decertification, since that step would almost certainly seal the cancellation of the entire 2011-12 season and throws up as many unknowns for the players as it would for the owners.