Bill Russell Rumors

Thousands of people calling for changes to gun regulations and school safety are marching in every state Saturday, and while many athletes couldn’t be present due to their schedules, the March for Our Lives rallies are an important cause for players and coaches from around the country. Dwyane Wade, Bill Russell, Steve Kerr and others encouraged Americans to make their voices heard.

“I am just channeling a lot of guys who have come before me,” Kyrie Irving said. “Listening to, like, Bill Russell talk and the fact that I actually did an Uncle Drew spot with Bill Russell, that’s — for me, that’s like, man, that is legendary. He’s over there and he’s talking and you can just tell he was a f—ing unbelievable hooper. He’s walking, he’s a little bit older now, but you can just know that verve that older people carry. They’ve been walking this earth for so long. They have so much wisdom and so much knowledge. “For me, being Uncle Drew, I just try to be in that channel as much as I can and be in that mindset of just, give back, consistently give back. It’s always great to hear older people talk, they kind of talk as Yoda, they leave these things like, ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ with some unbelievable quotes that are simple but hit home.”