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The dynamic played out most dramatically when Rose sat out the 2012-13 season entirely following his first surgery to repair a torn left ACL. The Bulls at one point leaked that Rose had been physically cleared to play. “A lot has been said and written about it,” Armstrong said, addressing the topic publicly for the first time. “Behind closed doors when you have an injury like that, it’s very significant. You don’t know how people are going to respond to it.”
BJ Amstrong: “I know how badly Derrick wanted to win for Chicago and what he wanted to do for the city. I’m just heartbroken about it because I know how much Chicago means to him and how much that team meant to him. But you know what? It’s part of it. Maybe someday he’ll talk more about it. But that was such a trying time for him because he wanted that more than anything. Wherever he’s at, Chicago is home — no ifs, ands or buts about it.”
Armstrong represents Derrick Rose, Denzel Valentine, Draymond Green and Suns promising rookie Josh Jackson, among many others. He negotiated Rose’s monster, $185 million lifetime deal with Adidas. And ne now gets to do a different kind of business with Reinsdorf and Paxson, his former backcourt competitor on the Bulls’ first three-peat team. “It hasn’t been awkward at all. Actually, it’s been quite pleasant,” Armstrong said of negotiating with the Bulls. “I consider Jerry (Reinsdorf) a mentor. And I consider John a friend. I’ve known John for almost 30 years.”
Storyline: Bulls Front Office
The Cavs arrived at the 28-to-31-minute range for Rose after Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, Cavs trainer Steve Spiro and Rose’s agent, B.J. Armstrong, came up with a long-term plan for that would hopefully keep Rose’s body fresh for Cleveland’s playoff run. “Knowing that I never played in June, just trying to be cautious with everything around the board,” Rose told ESPN.
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In the offseason, the largest source of “sourced” information comes from the agent community. While there are some agents, you have likely heard of such as Dan Fegan, Andy Miller (ASM Sports), B.J. Armstrong (Wasserman), Bill Duffy (BDA Sports), and Jeff Schwartz (Excel Sports), these are the top of the food chain in the agent world. However, the army of support agents that work under them or the smaller agents that have a small group of clients make up the biggest percentage of the agent community. They also make up the largest sewing circle of NBA information out there.