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Bob Dandridge Rumors

Two months later, with Dandridge attending a few playoff games alongside other members from the 1970-71 title team, Milwaukee won the club’s first championship in 50 years. “Most of my history has been in Milwaukee,” Dandridge said. “For me to go into the Hall of Fame at the same time they win the championship after 50 years, everything has just sort of lined up for me personally.”
Storyline: Hall of Fame Selections
Bob Dandridge was inducted into the NBA Naismith Hall of Fame 2021 class as a part of its Veteran’s Committee, which requires 35 years since retirement to become eligible. “It’s about damn time,” Dandridge said in agreement with NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller in an interview to be aired on Wizards Pregame Live before Game 3 of Washington’s first-round series against the 76ers on Saturday night.
When Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook broke Robertson’s all-time triple-doubles record on May 10, he made the once impossible mark seem like a forgone conclusion with the tear he was on the last two months of the regular season. Though Dandridge recognized the incredible achievement, he made sure to make an important distinction. “I was happy for him, his family, and was happy for the Wizards that they have someone of that caliber,” Dandridge said. “Not in a demeaning, but in a praising way, you know he’s a great player, (but) the Big O is the Big O.”