Bob Lanier Rumors

He first began working as a special assistant to former NBA Commissioner David Stern and continues in that job under Commissioner Adam Silver. He also spent years as chairman of the NBA’s Stay In School program, one of the league’s most important social causes. “Bob created the position of global ambassador for the league before we or our teams were doing it,” Silver said. “Even now as commissioner, I learned how to carry myself from watching Bob deal with people and his generosity of spirit. He has a special way with people.”
These days, Lanier lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., and travels for the NBA as needed. He also works out of the league’s New York office during various weeks of the year and is a staple at the league’s big events such as the All-Star Game and the NBA Finals. “I like to say that Bob came with the job when I started here in 2000,” said Kathy Behrens, president of social responsibility and player programs for the NBA. “We have traveled to South Africa a few times and we have had some incredibly moving events and experiences.”