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Bob Myers Rumors

One name you can cross off of your list? Former Warriors GM Bob Meyers. Meyers left Golden State last week after helping the organization win four championships. He would be a target for any team looking to fill a front-office vacancy. But I can’t see Meyers taking a job where he isn’t the top basketball executive. In New York, he’d be working under Rose and executive vice president/senior basketball advisor William Wesley. Also, Meyers would command a significant salary. I can’t see Knicks governor James Dolan adding another high-salaried executive. By my estimate, Dolan would be spending well north of $22 million on his top execs if the Knicks added Myers. It’s not happening.
To be sure, Myers’ departure does not signal The End in the way that Stephen Curry’s retirement some day will. It’s not as massive a tremor as, say, the potential departures of Klay Thompson or Draymond Green or coach Steve Kerr. But Myers has played as vital a role as anyone in building and nurturing this dynasty, as the franchise’s visionary and caretaker, its conscience and confidant. And his departure does signal a shift—the first pulled thread in their championship fabric, the first glimmer of the dynasty’s twilight. This was a rare disappointing season, with the Warriors falling in the second round of the playoffs, and there are other weighty matters on deck: potential extensions for Green and fellow 33-year-old Klay Thompson; a bench that needs fortifying; questions about Poole’s long-term fit; salary-cap and luxury-tax concerns. And, oh yeah, coach Steve Kerr, a close friend of Myers’, is entering the last year of his contract.
Which brings us back to Myers, and to perhaps the most profound trait of this Warriors dynasty: their humanity. When Green was suspended for Game 5 of the 2016 Finals, Myers watched the game with him, from a suite at the neighboring Oakland Coliseum. And that night in 2019, after Durant ruptured his Achilles? It was as emotional as I’ve ever seen a team executive. (Worth noting: Durant was among the first to reach out to Myers this week, when news of his resignation hit social media.)
And whenever things have felt “more like the real NBA,” Myers always infuses a dose of humanity back into the moment. Two months ago, Myers was at the podium again, this time sitting next to Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins, who had just returned from a two-month absence to attend to a family matter. There was no real reason for Myers to be there, other than as moral support.
ClutchPoints: “Before the trophies and the memories over this run, I remember I told you ‘you better get it right!’ And you did… Forever grateful for you as a friend forever.” Steph Curry with a powerful tribute to Warriors GM Bob Myers💙 (via stephencurry30/IG)