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Although Kerr believes Barbosa can still play, he’s not knocking on president of basketball operations and general manager Bob Myers’ door demanding that the Brazilian signs a 10-day contract. When the Associated Press’ Janie McCauley asked how he would react if Barbosa said he wanted to suit up, Kerr joked he would deflect to Myers. “I would say, ‘Have your agent talk to Bob, and then maybe they could work it out.’

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During an interview on “The TK Show” podcast by The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami, Myers gives an honest assessment of what he thinks about the rumors, saying that rumors like this are something that doesn’t surprise him anymore. “I mean, we’re never going to stop hearing this. It doesn’t matter if the guy signs an extension or not anymore,” Myers explained. “Whether it’s one of our guys or any guy, the drumbeat never stops. It’s what people want, the rumors of the NBA, especially because you have such high-profile players, it’s a little bit like they are celebrities and people can’t get enough of rumors and gossip.”
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Myers also shares his honest opinion of Steph’s role in the organization, saying that although he is well aware of the rumors that he doesn’t believe that Steph will be leaving Golden State anytime soon. “I think Steph has felt like we have given him a really good chance in his career and time with us to succeed individually and team-wise and that’s what we are going to keep trying to do. So I don’t really — you talk about my own sanity, I don’t really give those things much credence, or else I would have to get out of the business… I would say I think Steph is happy and I think he’s in a good place and I think things are going to be fine with him.”