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It’s not often that DeMar DeRozan seals a victory for his head coach by missing a game-tying shot, but that’s what happened Sunday, Feb. 18th, at the NBA All-Star Game. Dwane Casey, courtesy of Toronto holding the East’s best record, coached Team LeBron to victory, mere weeks after winning his 300th career game with the Raptors. “It was fitting,” Raptors general manager Bobby Webster said in an interview with SB Nation. “With all the things he’d done for the franchise, for him to be able to have a moment on a national stage, in L.A. and at the all-star game, and the team wins. He deserves it.”
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Last season, after enduring another sweep, this time at the hands of the Cavaliers, Masai Ujiri infamously announced the Raptors needed a “culture reset.” It read like the final nail in the coffin for Casey’s tenure in Toronto. Bobby Webster has an alternative explanation. “We felt like we were better than a 4-0 sweep,” Webster said. “It was really just Masai’s challenge to all of us. Let’s take a look at what we’ve done, and let’s be proud of how we’ve gotten here, but if we really wanna be a championship contending team, we need to make some changes.”
In the days following that low point, the Raptors’ internal braintrust burned the midnight oil to put Ujiri’s “culture reset” into action. When Webster and Ujiri asked Casey what he saw, they were, in Webster’s words, “exactly on the same page.” The league was passing the Raptors’ plodding, isolation style by. And so the mandate was born: more ball movement, more spacing, more running, and an increased focus on developing their young talent. “[Culture reset] suggests that change is coming. But that doesn’t mean you have to change personnel,” Webster said. “People can change.”
In exchanging Bruno Caboclo for Malachi Richardson – a financially motivated deal with the Sacramento Kings – Toronto will save just under $1 million for this season, which should allow them to offer a prorated minimum salary contract and fill their vacant 15th roster spot without dipping into the luxury tax. “We intentionally kept that 15th roster spot open for precisely this,” Raptors general manager Bobby Webster said on TSN 1050 Radio Friday morning. “We do have the flexibility [and] we gained a little bit more in the deal yesterday.”
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Bobby Webster: “So all the names that will be thrown around over the next week or two, we’ve already started to debate them. We knew it was something that was coming, we have our internal lists, [and] we’ve spoken to a number of people internally to figure out what we need. It’s a long way of saying nothing but it’s also a short way of saying, I imagine we’ll be active in the buyout market.”
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