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The book from which Antetokounmpo read in late March is titled “Dad Jokes: the Good. the Bad. the Terrible.” The author, who goes by the pseudonym Jimmy Niro, is a former Milwaukee resident, and he couldn’t believe it when his publisher told him that Antetokounmpo was reading from his book. “Honestly, I’m still shocked,” Niro told ESPN. “I did these books for fun, really, so seeing them out in the world and loved by people is truly amazing.”
Giannis Antetokounmpo has his own children as well. His first son was born in February 2020, and the second arrived in August 2021. It’s natural for any comedian to draw humor from his surroundings. Sometimes, dads make dad jokes. “I love indoctrinating new dads into the dad joke world, and it’s great to see Giannis embrace that and also make this kind of humor something anyone can love,” Niro said.
He graduated from Virginia Union University and was inducted into the school’s hall of fame — but was told the odds that he’d play in the NBA were slim. He was not drafted as a rookie. “I said, you know, this is the opportunity that I’m going to go in and prove them wrong, and that they made a mistake, and they should have drafted me,” said Davis. And he did just that, entering the league as a free agent. He played for 10 years in the NBA and made an impact, competing against great athletes like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.
The good news is Charles Oakley’s new memoir, “The Last Enforcer: Outrageous Stories From the Life and Times of One of the NBA’s Fiercest Competitors,” comes with a six-page index, for easy perusal. The bad news — particularly if you played in the NBA during the power forward’s 19-year career, from his 1985 debut alongside Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, to his 2004 retirement from the Rockets — is if you find your name in the book.
You could have titled this book “Barkley and Me.” Charles Oakley: Yeah, well. Q: How did that beef start? Charles Oakley: I guess when he tried to smack me on the cheek in a game. Ever since, it’s all-out warfare. I’ve been around him a couple of times since. Nah, he can’t get it. Him and Isaiah (Thomas). Now Isaiah is talking smack. He’s mad he wasn’t on the Dream Team. When he didn’t get on the Dream Team, it hurt his feelings. He’s sensitive. He’s mad Mike came and took his hometown, Chicago (where he spent high school). He’s a mad guy.