Bosnia Rumors

Mirza Teletovic, who is also captain of Bosnia’s national team, apologized for his behavior in his post-game comments. “I am sorry I reacted in this way. I am sorry and I don’t shrink from my responsibilities.” “Sometimes there are tensions like that in a team. I’ve spent my life representing the national team of Bosnia. I have been playing for 13 years for the team. I never behaved like that or provoked someone. I have always represented Bosnia in the best light. I wouldn’t want to present a wrong picture of myself”, he added.
In a press conference held today, Teletovic mentioned that he understand Musa’s “internal struggles” and the way they might affect him. “I love Musa. God willing, he will be the best basketball player that has ever come out of Bosnia.” The 17-year old forward is considered as a huge prospect and perhaps the best European baller in his age. “I also understand his struggles”, added Teletovic. “There is a lot of pressure on him by the media and he finds it difficult to manage defeats. It’s not easy when you are 17-year old and trying to fight in such a game. In regards to my behavior, I made a mistake and I admit it.”
Bosnia lost the game against Russia last night but the team had also other kind of problems. Mirza Teletovic, the leader of the NT, had a serious confrontation with rising star Dzanan Musa, only 17yrs old. Teletovic accused Musa of flopping after a contact with a Russian player and the two started to discuss with animosity. The other teammates had to intervene and separate the two players. Musa was brought to the bench and he was shocked, he almost started to cry. Here’s the video of the confrontation.