Boxing Rumors

The reigning super-middleweight champion easily strolled his way to a Round 3 TKO victory in dominant fashion. Canelo bombed Yildirim with little resistance through the first three rounds, which forced the challenger to call it quits before the start of the 4th round. Damian Lillard did not hold back in his assessment of the fight, claiming Yildirim “had no business” challenging Canelo for the belt. Damian Lillard: He had no business in there with Canelo.
Fighting is in Lillard’s nature. It was instilled in him as a child, when he would watch major boxing bouts with his entire family. That’s where his love for the sport — a sport he calls his favorite to watch — was seeded. He developed a passion for the fighting spirit in boxers, and eventually turned his passion into production, making boxing an integral part of the offseason workouts that have molded him into one of the most clutch players the NBA. For Lillard, no challenge is too great. He always gets off the mat. And, for those in boxing who know him best, it’s easy to explain why. “Damian Lillard is not a basketball player,” trainer Cem Eren said. “He’s a fighter who plays professional basketball.”
Although he doesn’t participate in intense sparring — “Obviously, [the Trail Blazers] would never really approve it,” he said — Lillard once toyed with the idea of participating in an exhibition bout. Former NBA guard Nate Robinson’s stunning knockout loss to YouTube sensation Jake Paul last November on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. undercard isn’t the reason Lillard gave up that idea, but it certainly didn’t help. “I feel like he got in there really feeling like he could win, but I don’t think boxing is a sport you can take six months or eight months and be like ‘all right, I’m gonna go in here and fight,'” Lillard said.

Nate Robinson knocked out in boxing debut

A Saturday night at Staples Center resulted in YouTube star Jake Paul standing in the corner, former NBA dunk champion Nate Robinson out cold on the floor and millions of pay-per-viewers wondering what on God’s green earth they had just watched. Officially, the boxing match ended midway through the second round as a Paul KO, but calling it a boxing match might be generous. It did end with a punch, but what came before was a preposterous rinse-and-repeat of Robinson charging his opponent, taking a counterpunch or two, then clinching until any more action was impossible. Robinson became an NBA fan favorite through his lack of height in a league of giants, but in this sport, he was unable to find a distance where he could evenly trade blows with the 6-foot-1 Paul.