Brad Stevens Rumors

The travel schedules of the Boston Celtics and the Butler Bulldogs happened to align perfectly this week in Milwaukee, allowing Gordon Hayward and Brad Stevens the rare opportunity to escape the NBA lifestyle and cheer on their former collegiate team. After wrapping up Celtics practice on the Marquette University campus Wednesday evening, Hayward and Stevens headed over to Fiserv Forum, also the sight of Thursday night’s Celtics-Bucks game, to see the Bulldogs in action against the No. 11 Golden Eagles. They were joined by Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsbury, who was also on Stevens’ Bulldogs staff, as well as C’s player development staffer Alex Barlow, who played for four years under Stevens at Butler.
Storyline: Hayward-Stevens Dynamic
According to Hayward, though, Stevens the fan isn’t much different than Stevens the coach. “He’s analyzing the game, talking about different plays and stuff,” Hayward said. “So, really just being a coach.” “So,” pondered one reporter, “he’s not kicking back with beer and nachos?” “I don’t think so,” Hayward responded with a smile. “No, that’s not Brad. Not at all.”