Brad Stevens rumors

June 20, 2022 | 5:23 am EDT Update

Brad Steven on Utah's radar?

One coaching candidate sure to interest Danny Ainge as he launches a search for Quin Snyder’s replacement is Brad Stevens … but it’s difficult in the extreme to see anyone luring Stevens back to coaching in the short term given how well Stevens’ team-building efforts are going in Boston as the Celtics’ rookie president of basketball operations.
Some players they could pursue with their trade exceptions include Will Barton, Dillon Brooks, and former Celtic Marcus Morris. The Celtics have all their future first-round picks to offer going forward, and they’ve shown a willingness to trade them when they traded one for Horford and another for White since Stevens took over.
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“I think the organization has known the type of ability that I’ve had for a long time; even when casual fans thought they were crazy for not trading me for X, Y and Z, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens knew,” Brown, now 25, says. “They seen me every single day, knew what I was capable of. Not to say I’m anywhere close to those guys yet, but I’m continuing to work and I’m excited that we’re here in the Finals now, going through this journey.”