Brandon Schneider Rumors

Brandon Schneider, who said he attended his first Warriors game at age seven, has been working for the organization for 19 years, initially serving as a season-ticket account executive while working his way up the organization’s ladder — and most recently serving as chief revenue officer over the past three seasons. He credited Lacob and Guber, who bought the team in 2010, for creating the culture change that led to the Warriors’ run of success over the better part of the past decade. “I’ll steal one line from Rick,” Schneider said. “I’ve heard him say this so many times, but it’s just well-said. There’s three things that you need to be a successful sports organization: Ownership, ownership and ownership. And he usually follows that by saying, “And we hit the Powerball.” But it’s really true — if you look back, the culture that Joe and Peter brought, hiring the best people, letting them do their job, it sounds so easy, but it just isn’t. … The other thing I would say that’s changed, I think, from where things were in my early days, and certainly different from how other organizations run, is business and basketball work together.”
The Golden State Warriors have promoted Brandon Schneider to Senior Vice President, Business Development, the team announced today. In his new role, Schneider will continue to oversee ticket sales, suites and services, and will now also be responsible for the Warriors’ retail business and new business development. The Warriors are currently in the process of building additional retail space to open later this season at the team’s current home, Oracle Arena, as well as planning the team’s future retail presence at the proposed new San Francisco project.