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Jeff Skversky: Brett Brown apologized to Mikal Bridges mom multiple times for trading him to the Suns in 2018. Bridges mom, who worked for the 76ers at the time, shares how former #Sixers coach Brett Brown called her “he must have apologized to me a gazillion times” #Suns #NBA

In San Antonio, Duncan continued refining the bank shot. “My office was always close to the court during my 12 years in San Antonio,” former Sixers head coach and longtime Spurs assistant Brett Brown wrote in a text message. “I was in the practice facility at many different hours during this period. Often either early in the morning, or very late at night, you could hear somebody in the gym with the shooting gun.” Brown arrived in San Antonio in 2002. The next season, the first for which the NBA has data available on attempts off the glass (defined as bank jump shots and bank hook shots, but not layups), Duncan canned 70.3 percent of the 111 bank shots he attempted, a ridiculous rate. Between 2003 and 2016, he’d connect on bank shots 60.4 percent of the time.
Duncan would often field the ball just outside the paint on the left side of the court, spin open, and size up his defender. “The thing that stood out to me was his footwork,” said Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer, who spent 17 seasons as a Spurs assistant. “When people crowded him, he had the basic rocker step jab series that gave him his space to shoot,” Brett Brown wrote, referring to the jab steps Duncan could unleash from the face-up position. “And if you try to take it away,” Pau Gasol said, “he would rip it through the middle, where he was lethal, either with the right-handed drive or the hook shot over the left shoulder. So you’d kind of be hoping he’d go left, but you couldn’t open up too much because then he could also finish strong that way. So it was a variety of options, and he was surrounded by other Hall of Famers and was a willing passer.”