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Brian Bowen Rumors

The Pacers will hold their first two workouts in preparation for the 2019 NBA Draft on Tuesday, May 21 at St. Vincent Center. The first workout group includes Brian Bowen II (Australia), Ty Jerome (Virginia), Jaylen Nowell (Washington), Josh Perkins (Gonzaga), Dylan Windler (Belmont), and Justin Wright-Foreman (Hofstra).
3. So far, no big-name coach has been proven to be in violation of NCAA rules. On wiretap, Dawkins and Code make it clear they don’t believe Pitino knew directly about the $100,000 scheme to pay Brian Bowen Sr. for his son to play at Louisville. It is fair in the court of public opinion to believe he should have known. “Plausible deniability,” as Code put it. There is no direct evidence, though, and it doesn’t appear any of the key participants in the deal thought he knew. Score one for Pitino.
Ultimately, Bowen got into contact with Sydney and it was decided mutually that it was the best arrangement for him. “With the professionalism and veterans, it was really just the closest thing to an NBA team,” Bowen said. “Andrew (Bogut) being here as well, that makes a big difference.” He’s been in Australia now for about a month and a half. It’s a different world over there, but one that Bowen is embracing and enjoying. While everyone obviously speaks English, he has occasionally struggled to understand his teammates’ penchant for shortening words and using slang that he’s not familiar with. Driving on the other side of the road has also been a a bit of an adventure, mostly because the street signs are different. But “everything is an experience,” he says, and he’s enjoying it all with both of his parents over there to support him.
From Louisville to South Carolina to Australia. It’s been quite a journey for Brian Bowen, and his next step will take him to the other side of the globe after signing a contract with the Sydney Kings, a step that will make him eligible for the 2019 NBA Draft. Bowen, a Saginaw native, was suspended indefinitely by Louisville after an FBI investigation alleged he and his family received a $100,000 payment to commit. He transferred to South Carolina in hopes of playing in 2018-19, but the NCAA ruled he would be ineligible for at least the upcoming season.