Brian Davis Rumors

Christmas Eve 2009 was a whiteout of a blur to many Oklahomans. In Oklahoma City, for example, 13.5 inches of snow fell and winds gusted to more than 60 mph. But for Brian Davis, who moved to the state in 2008, the day provided a clear image of the way challenges are approached in Oklahoma — together. On Christmas night, the Oklahoma City Thunder opens the 2011-12 regular season against the Orlando Magic at Chesapeake Energy Arena. With that, Davis begins his fourth year as the Thunder’s television play-by-play announcer. But before the action tipped-off he recently took some time to share how that perspective gained in a blizzard continues to reinforce itself.
In observing Oklahomans in the community as well as from courtside, Davis said one aspect that defines the people of the state is their willingness to take a risk to try to make something happen. He points to agricultural and oil and gas. But he doesn’t stop there. “Oklahoma City took a huge risk, defined the term ‘leap of faith,’ when it built the arena hoping to land a professional sports team,” he said. “And it took a spectacular series of events, starting with Hurricane Katrina, for anyone outside to take the notion seriously. Folks like Ron Norick and Mick Cornett and Clay Bennett believed, and here we are.”