Brian Robinson Rumors

Kevin Durant and James. Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh and James Harden. Who doesn’t want to witness? Even spurned Sonics fans are finding it impossible to stay away. James’ fan base, it has been suggested by several Seattle types, has grown exponentially these last few days. “People up here are still hurt and angry, and they’re emotional,” said Brian Robinson, co-founder of the Save Our Sonics grass-roots organization and a vocal supporter of the city’s renewed attempts to finance a new arena. “It’s absolutely dominating the conversation. The overwhelming number of people want to see the Thunder lose, but it’s been weird. Rooting for the Lakers. Rooting for the Spurs. Now rooting for the Heat. Personally, I hope the Thunder win so that every Nov. 1, when there’s an election, we can hold up photos of Clay Bennett.”
“We still have a soft spot for Nick Collison,” added Robinson, referring to the reserve forward-center, “but we only have one picture of Westbrook in a Sonics jersey. They left a month after he was drafted. And K.D. was only here a year, so we never really felt like he was ours.” While Seattle offers a cautionary tale for Sacramento – yes, even established franchises relocate if arena situations remain unresolved – Kings fans have to be a little conflicted about the Sonics/Thunder ownership.