Brian Windhorst Rumors

On ESPN’s The Hoop Collective podcast, he said he was “scolded” by the league and the Players Association for his pessimistic outlook on the situation. From the 29:00 mark of the pod: “I’ve swing from optimism to pessimism, and I’ve been scolded by both the league office and the union for being pessimistic. Scolded!… Sometimes you do things and the league is like, ‘You know what, we really appreciated that, that was great’, and sometimes you ruin their day. That’s just how it goes.”
According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on the Lowe Post podcast, Boston might have been motivated to lock Brown up after seeing how the market was playing out. “Boston may have had a number that was going to do it for Jaylen Brown all along, but from what I was hearing, Boston improved their offer significantly at the end of negotiations,” Windhorst said. “One of the reasons I think they did that is because… They saw the way things were going. If Buddy Hield gets this, then our guy’s… So.”
Brian Windhorst: Trae Young has to leave Team USA camp because of a minor eye infection, sources said. He’d been playing well on the Select Team last few days. As an aside with De’Aaron Fox already promoted to senior team, I’m looking forward to Select coach Jeff Van Gundy playing some PG today
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