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Brock Aller Rumors

Cleveland Cavaliers senior director of basketball operations Brock Aller will join the New York Knicks front office, a source tells The deal between Aller and the Knicks isn’t done yet. A few details still need to be worked out, including Aller’s official title. However, it’s expected to be finalized — and announced — by early May.
Storyline: Cavaliers Front Office
Brock Aller, a longtime fixture for Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, is close to joining president Leon Rose in the Knicks front office as vice president of strategy, according to an NBA source. Aller was financial planner/capologist with Cleveland, but a source said he’ll be “more than a capologist’’ under Rose. However, Aller is not the GM — a basketball-intensive position that remains up in the air.
Storyline: Knicks Front Office