Bryan Shaw Rumors

Naturally Jackson wanted Brian Shaw to take over for him after he left the Lakers in 2011 but the team went with Mike Brown, and then, after a brief flirtation with Jackson, chose Mike D’Antoni. “I sat with [Lakers General Manager] Mitch Kupchak a week ago and even he couldn’t find out for me,” said Jackson of Shaw. “It had something to do with [Lakers owner/executive] Jimmy Buss, I think.” Jackson is hopeful that his protégé ends up in the right situation as head coach. “I think that Brian might have an opportunity but I just want it to be the right one for him,” said Jackson. “The last conversation I had, I told him to make sure he doesn’t end up in a no-win situation like Charlotte.”
“The Pacers have been contacted by several teams since the end of the season regarding permission to speak to Brian. Several teams,” Shaw’s agent Jerome Stanley told ESPN on Wednesday. “Brian has not spoken to any team while the Pacers season was ongoing. The season has ended now and he plans to speak to a few teams about potential opportunities to be head coach. He will not be commenting on anything to do with this process, or the specific teams involved. There currently are no interviews scheduled.”