Buck Williams Rumors

He was also traded soon after to the Sacramento Kings, and by 1998, at 29, he was out of the league. He became, in essence, a cautionary tale as Colin Kaepernick pursues a case against the N.F.L. accusing it of colluding to deny him a job over his kneeling for the anthem last season. Abdul-Rauf did not get much support from his peers. “If you ask most players from that era, they’d say they regretted not supporting him more than they did,” Buck Williams, who in 1996 was president of the National Basketball Players Association, said in a recent telephone interview. “He was kind of left out on an island.”
The Nets may reach into their past to aid their present and future. Buck Williams, the greatest power forward in the history of the franchise, is being considered for a multi-pronged position with the team with duties including player development plus sponsorship and community relations, according to several league sources. “We’ve talked about it but it’s certainly not a done deal,” said one member of the team’s hierarchy. “We’d love to have him and could use him in a million ways. There’s no real job description as such but Buck could be [utilized] in player development, with sponsorships, with community relations. “It is something that has been discussed and we’ll likely talk about it again,” the team employee said.
“There weren’t a lot of ‘us’ in the locker room,” Johnson said. “Whether it was Earvin or Bob Lanier or Julius [Erving], we tended to get the opportunity to get more time with these emerging stars, and also get better quotes. We had an opportunity, once the conversation went past the game, we’d talk about life. Again, we were all the same age. A lot of these conversations happened over a meal. I remember Buck Williams calling me in the hotel — what are you doing tonight? It wasn’t just Earvin. It was a lot of emerging black stars, like Isiah [Thomas], who just gravitated toward us. These were smart guys who went to college, maybe just one or two years, but they were smart.”