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John Wall recently announced the launch of his own NFT project, which is titled – Baby Ballers. He plans to launch this project on September 30th, 2021 which will feature 4,000 mints to be available to the public. After getting a sneak peak at some of the designs via their website, parents and NFT enthusiasts everywhere will graciously appreciate his efforts. The NFTs themselves feature unique babies with different traits playing sports.
He’s partnering with Raoul Thomas, an investment banker who is the founder and CEO of CGI Merchant Group, on a program to help athletes learn more about investments, particularly in real estate. “CGI’s educational platform allows us to fulfill our mission of creating equal generational opportunities for all,” Thomas said in a statement. “Wayne and I have each had our fair share of mentors throughout our careers, which is why we’re so passionate about paying it forward. Through this platform, we aim to mentor other athletes and entertainment professionals to break the stigma and make winning plays both in and out of uniform to secure long-term financial success.”
Ellington isn’t the first athlete turned money man — it’s the plot of HBO’s series “Ballers” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But Ellington’s role as a current athlete taking on this side project is a little unusual. “This program is going to allow guys to learn about investing before actually putting in money,” Ellington said. “…Yeah, I mean, having skin in the game, obviously, is a huge part. I would never vouch for anything and I would never try to get guys to do anything that I’m not doing myself.”
Late last week, RJ Barrett was in the midst of a mini-media tour to support his purchase of a Booster Juice franchise in Brampton, Ont., not far from where he grew up in Mississauga. It’s quite a step for a just-turned 21-year-old, even for one in the third year of his rookie NBA contract which will total nearly $28 million by the end of the upcoming season. “I’ve always been interested in business,” the New York Knicks guard/forward said. “My dad and I, we always talked about having the opportunity to own things. So when the opportunity with Booster Juice presented itself we kind of jumped at it …”
NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs has raised $250 million and secured a deal with soccer league La Liga to create NFTs. The investment round values the company at $7.6 billion. Led by Coatue, the funding comes just months after a $305 million round in March. It will be used for elevating the fan experience, developing new IP, and expanding the Flow blockchain, an engine for transactions created by Dapper.