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Allen is survived by his sister, Jody. A Vulcan source told me shortly after the announcement of Allen’s death: “Jody does not enjoy the Trail Blazers.” She’s a Seahawks fan and is a good bet to emerge as a more visible presence in his NFL organization. Nobody who knows her thinks she’d be interested in wanting to run an NBA franchise on a daily basis.
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The Indiana Pacers box office is reaping the benefits of last season’s surprising playoff run. The Pacers quickly established themselves as a surprising team last season but it took most of the year for ticket sales to match the excitement. The Pacers ranked 27th out of 30 teams in attendance. “Our ticket sales are ahead this time versus last year by about 20 percent,” President/Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Todd Taylor said. “Last year at this time there was anticipation that we weren’t going to be that competitive and we weren’t going to be that great of a team.