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Buzz Peterson Rumors

There have been plenty of rumored potential replacements over the years, but the two most commonly discussed names are Buzz Peterson, Jordan’s college roommate at UNC and the Hornets’ assistant general manager since 2014, and Chicago Bulls general manager Marc Eversley, who began his career at Nike, the parent company of the Jordan Brand. Eversley interviewed for the general manager position in 2018, but the role went to Kupchak instead.
“I’m thrilled with reaching an extension to remain as the head coach of the Charlotte Hornets,” said Borrego. “I want to thank Michael Jordan, Mitch Kupchak and Buzz Peterson for their continued confidence in me and I want to thank my coaching staff for all of their hard work. I’m truly excited about our future and the direction that we are headed. I’m proud to coach a group of dedicated, hardworking and talented players that are committed to both improving and winning. The City of Charlotte and our Hornets fans have embraced my family and I and we are so happy to continue to make this our home. I cannot wait for the start of training camp and the upcoming season.”
“He’s playing amazing,” Stephen Curry said this week. “There was a lot of talk about what he could show his rookie year. He’s surprising a lot of people.” James Borrego isn’t surprised. The Hornets coach was sold on Ball last November, when Borrego, Hornets president Mitch Kupchak and assistant GM Buzz Peterson flew to Los Angeles to watch Ball work out. They knew about the passing. “He’s able to read coverages before they happen,” Borrego said in a telephone interview. But then they saw the shooting. “He had a nice little floater,” says Borrego. And the confidence. At one point, Borrego and Kupchak discussed how when Ball shot, he seemed to believe every one was going in.
Now you are working for Michael Jordan as his assistant GM. Some Hornets fans are skeptical he has the same drive to win as an owner that he did as a player. What would you say to those who aren’t convinced? Buzz Peterson: They need to take my cell phone and answer my cell phone after a game one night. That’s what they need to do. Or during a game. Or sit with me during a ballgame when I’m sitting with him. They’ll know what a competitor he is. I mean, my left knee, my left shoulder. I’ve sat up there (during a game) before, and his mom would turn around and look at me and says, “Are you OK?” I said, “My shoulder is numb; I only feel it now.” I told her, “My knee is numb.”
Buzz Peterson: That’s what’s so unique about what he has. He can see a lot of things that a lot of people can’t see. That’s why I always tell him, “You would not make a very good coach. You wouldn’t. Because your expectations are just tough.” And this is what may be hard for people to understand what the documentary is about. He may be tough, the way he’s driven, the way he sees things, because he sees it through a different lens sometimes. I’ve always said this: Coach Smith, Larry Brown, some of the gifted coaches I’ve ever seen, you just let them have four or five objects out on that floor, and what they do and what they see before it even happens is just remarkable. And I always thought that Michael, I mean he’s like that. He sees things a whole lot different than a lot of people.