Cade Cunningham Rumors

“2021 is loaded,’’ said VandeGarde. “Loaded.” VandeGarde said Cunningham, Green, Kuminga and Mobley would’ve certainly been the No. 1 pick in last week’s 2020 NBA Draft if high schoolers were eligible. “Could (Cade) be the No. 1 pick?,’’ Fraschilla, the former St. John’s and Manhattan coach, said. “Absolutely. He’s going to be a very good pro. Does he do things beyond his years? Absolutely. What he’ll be is a potential triple-double guy in the NBA in a 48-minute game. But I don’t want to say after seeing after one college game, ‘yeah, it’s over. He’s No. 1.’”
The only real issue here is that he’s been a bit of an inconsistent shooter throughout his career. But a source at Oklahoma State told me that he’s come to preseason workouts and been the team’s second-best shooter behind 3-point marksman Ferron Flavors. If Cunningham is really a shooter now, it’s kind of a wrap for opponents because there isn’t really an easy way to stop him. I’d bet on Cunningham averaging something in the ballpark of 16 points, seven rebounds and seven assists at Oklahoma State this season, and being in the mix to win the national player of the year award. He is the big lead ballhandler that everyone is looking for, plus he has a real winner’s mentality that consistently leads to positive team play and good results.
Cade Cunningham is the best and brightest incoming freshman in college basketball next season. And he plays for a team that’s banned from the 2021 NCAA Tournament. The NCAA’s Committee on Infractions revealed its punishments for Oklahoma State on Friday for misdeeds committed by former assistant coach Lamont Evans as part of the FBI scandal, and among the penalties is a postseason ban in 2020-2021.