Calvin Murphy Rumors

“I think Oscar would be much easier to guard than Russell Westbrook,” said Jim Barnett, who faced Robertson 49 times in the regular season and playoffs. “Because Westbrook has that explosiveness coming at you, that change of direction, that guys like Calvin Murphy or Nate Archibald had, those little tiny guys had that. But Russell Westbrook has that at his size. I’ve never seen anyone attack like he does, with the ferocity, the insistence on getting to a spot on the floor come hell or high water. Westbrook is not nearly the shooter that Oscar was, Oscar was more dependable as a shooter. But Westbrook would be fun to guard because you just don’t know what he is going to throw at you.”
Murphy, 68, is taking his fashion sense to the next level — his own line comes out next year. After a 13-year career, Murphy is considered one of the great point guards in Houston Rockets history. He averaged 17.9 points, is second in franchise history in career points (17,949) and is tops in assists (4,402). But enough about his career. Let’s talk about clothes. ESPN: Tell me about the thought process to wearing clothes. Murphy: Every outfit that I have has a pair of shoes that goes with it. I asked Heid [Hadi Elbanma] what we should wear. He is my clothes man. He says ‘Murph I got some new clothes for you. I got some new flavor for you and you got to come check it out, now.’ Believe it or not, there’s some flavor I say, ‘Oh hell no.’
2 years ago via ESPN