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Tim Bontemps interjected that he expects Durant to end up with the Suns. “If you look at these trade, there’s a nexus point between what the player wants and the team wants,” said Bontemps. “Kevin Durant would like to play for the Suns. We can all agree on that. The Phoenix Suns also have a lot of stuff the Brooklyn Nets would want. They’re not going to get Devin Booker in this trade, but they’ve got Mikal Bridges, they’ve got Deandre Ayton they can put in a sign-and-trade, and they have Cam Johnson.”
1 day ago via RealGM
On possible supermax deal for Devin Booker and rookie extension for Cam Johnson. If Booker makes All-NBA this year, he’ll be eligible for a four-year deal worth $211 million while Johnson is up for a rookie extension heading into his fourth NBA season: James Jones: “That’s a part of the business. As your team improves, typically your payroll increases. We’re focused on improving the team and those guys, they deserve the credit. They deserve the accolades and the financial rewards that come with being good players and productive players. It doesn’t preclude us from doing anything. We’re not talking about a luxury tax issues or avoiding those things. That’s not something that’s going to prevent us from continuing to build this team and keep this team together.”
Kellan Olson: Cam Johnson said last year during Game 3 of the Finals in Milwaukee his girlfriend had a towel thrown on her, got kneed in the back of her head and had beer spilled on her. His family didn’t see his dunk over P.J. Tucker because they were in the concessions dealing with it. Johnson said the Bucks did handle it. Fan was thrown out and banned. He didn’t even hear about it until after the game and was obviously very frustrated about his family having to deal with that harassment.