Cam Reddish Rumors

First Coach: “In my scout, I wrote that I thought Reddish had a higher ceiling than all of Duke’s guys. That might be crazy, but his skill level is off the charts. He doesn’t have the killer mentality of a Zion or Barrett. I just think he’s so highly skilled. He can pass, dribble, shoot. He can score from all three levels. He might not have great percentages, but you can just tell this dude is an elite level shooter. It’ll take maybe two years to develop his body with his overall strength. But I think he has a high, high ceiling for the next level.”
A small number of NBA players are already in the Adapt, including Boston’s Jayson Tatum, Dallas rookie Luka Doncic, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma and New York’s Frank Ntilikina. Some future NBA players have been exposed to it as well; the Duke men’s basketball team has given them a test drive. “It’s a sneaker, it’s a good shoe,” Duke standout Cam Reddish said. “I didn’t break it in enough for me to wear in a game, but it’s a phenomenal sneaker.”