Cameron Reddish Rumors

One of the differences fans might notice is Reddish has grown a bit since last season ended. Payne thought it might have been that Reddish’s hair got longer, but Payne and his staff all confirmed Reddish grew. It’s unclear how much he actually grew, but Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce also confirmed this at the end of minicamp. Reddish’s official height without shoes prior to the start of last season was 6-foot-7.5.
I’m curious to see where Cam Reddish goes next season. Lloyd Pierce: I call him Cam Motherf—— Reddish because I think he’s a bad man. I think he’s really going to turn out to be something extremely special. I want him to have the toughest mentality. I want him to think he’s the greatest player in the NBA. I want him to believe it because he’s got an opportunity with this potential, his skill set, his size, his confidence, he’s got an opportunity to really do something special. I’m trying to really bring that out of him. He’s a young guy. He’s only 20 years old. It’s scary. But we all want it now. That’s the challenge, but I’m going to be patient with him. I’m also going to challenge him to get the most out of everything he has.
Reddish’s first season as a professional felt like a long one, and managing the wear and tear that comes with it was one of the biggest lessons he learned in Year 1. “It’s pretty hectic, and the adjustment was a little crazy,” Reddish said. “But that was one of the biggest things I picked up on, how long the season was. I had to really take care of my body, eat the right things, stuff like that. … My entire life, I could pretty much just get up and go. And just play. But it’s a really long season. The games are long, you’ve got back-to-backs, you’re going from Miami to L.A., L.A. to Minnesota, it’s craziness. But it’s fun, once you get used to it, once you figure out your routine.”
“I think the sky’s the limit for us, to be honest with you,” Reddish said. “We have all the pieces that it takes to be a really good team in the NBA. Obviously with Trae being Trae, we have good size all around, and I think adding (center Clint Capela) into the lineup is going to help a lot. Obviously added some veteran guys to us, so that always helps. I think next year’s going to be a really good year for us, and I’m looking forward to it.”