Cassius Winston Rumors

Spartans point guard Cassius Winston and forward Nick Ward both said they haven’t thought about the decision of whether or not to declare for the NBA draft yet. “These guys mean the world to me, and I’m not really focused on that decision yet,” Ward said. “I’m just really trying to spend time with my guys.” Winston said he needs to talk to his family before making any decision and doesn’t have a timeline. “I’m just enjoying this right now, enjoying my teammates and then I’ll sit down and have that conversation when the time comes,” Winston said.
After the season, Cassius Winston will have a decision to make: Return to MSU for his senior season or enter the NBA draft. Said Pat Donnelly, “I’ve already gotten calls from NBA teams: ‘What’s he like?’ It’s not just about his basketball ability. They want to know about every little aspect of that person. I certainly hope he has the opportunity. That’s a dream of his, to play in the NBA, and it has been for a long time, and there’s nobody rooting harder for him than me.”
Storyline: Cassius Winston Going Pro?