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The NBA is not expected to lower the draft-eligibility age anytime soon, according to Givony. American players must be a year removed from graduating high school and be turning 19 in the calendar year of the draft in order to be eligible. The league and NBPA could negotiate a lower eligibility age after the current collective bargaining agreement expires in 2024.
Brown said Irving’s future and how the league approaches the issue of expression on social media could be clarified after Irving’s meeting with Silver. “There is an interesting distinction between what somebody says verbally and what somebody posts as a link on a platform with no description behind it,” Brown said. “Some people will argue there’s no difference and some people will argue there is a difference. There’s no language in our CBA. There’s no rules against it. This is uncharted territory for everybody, and everybody is trying to figure out the difference between the two.”

NBA, NBPA expected to change draft age to 18 in next CBA

The NBA and NBA Players Association are expected to agree on moving the age eligibility for the NBA Draft from 19 to 18, clearing the way for the return of high school players making the NBA leap, per sources with knowledge of the discussions. The reduced age limit for high school-to-NBA jumps would go into effect as early as the 2024 NBA Draft. Commissioner Adam Silver said in July that he was “hopeful” for the rule changing in the next collective bargaining agreement cycle, and both sides appear motivated to reduce the age eligibility for the draft.
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With a Dec. 15 mutual opt-out date looming for the NBA and the Players Association under their current CBA, both sides are in the midst of serious conversations over key points that will make up the league’s new CBA. Top officials from the NBA and NBPA will hold their next in-person meeting at the end of this month, sources told The Athletic, a session that will set the stage for the final outcome.