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Chad Buchanan Rumors

The roster is never settled, but do you feel like this group is who you’re preparing to go into the season with at this point? Chad Buchanan: Yeah, I don’t see any major adjustments to the roster at this point. We have an open roster spot as of today, and we’re evaluating what the possibilities could be with that. We have an open two-way spot that we’re evaluating as well. Nothing major at this point. I think we’ve exhausted and looked at different opportunities if they made sense, but I think we feel good about where we’re at, and we want to see coach Carlisle with this group and see how guys perform under him.
You acquired a trade exception in a side-and-trade deal sending Doug McDermott to San Antonio. What intrigues you about the possibilities there? Chad Buchanan: You can never have too much flexibility. There’s a chance you never use it, but there’s also opportunities that arise throughout the season, and into next season, where it could make sense to help us. Where we are at financially, there’s only so many tools you can gather to utilize and this made a lot of sense for us for a small asset — swapping picks basically, and a future second-round pick, to acquire this size of exception ($7.4 million). There’s enough players around the league that are good enough players that would fit into that potentially, that we wanted to at least have at our disposal. Like I said, there’s a chance you may never use it. But we’d rather have the opportunity, if the situation arises, to have that there than to be kicking ourselves wishing we had done it.
The Pacers see Duarte as an immediate contributor; there will be growing pains, as there are with all rookies, but he’s as close to a finished product as there was in a draft dominated by teenagers. “The league has become much less about play-calling and more about free-flowing action on the offensive end, and you need players who can shoot the ball, handle the ball, can pass, have a high IQ, and Chris checks a lot of those boxes,” Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan said. “You watch the NBA playoffs, you see players his size and skill level who are succeeding. He can do a lot of things that help in a playoff setting when things break down. The ability to create a shot … that’s super critical in our league. The more guys you have who can do that, the better.”