Charles Klask Rumors

Klask, 36, recently talked with about his rise, the life of an assistant coach and his goal of one day becoming a head coach — and the path he would like to take with it after. You’ve got a long resume. Life of a coach? Charles Klask: I didn’t know the life of a coach when I was younger. I just knew I wanted to dedicate everything to basketball. As far as all of the hours, I didn’t know all of that stuff. I just wanted to be around the game.
MLive: What are your duties with the Pistons now? Klask: I’m basically like a coach’s assistant. Whatever the coaches need, I try and help them. I have a couple players I work with, but it’s more so the scouting preparation and process go smoothly. And then in the summer, I try and take on big player-development role for whoever needs it. MLive: Of all the coaches you’ve worked for, anyone most influential or stood out? Klask: Well, coach Van Gundy is right up there. I’ve been fortunate to work for a lot of really good coaches. Doc was really good, Bryan Hill was really good. Johnny Davis was good. Good assistants — Steve Clifford was our assistant in Orlando, Bob Beyer too. Coach (Michael) Malone has seen everything. So you always try and learn. Just like everybody, you see things you like, things you don’t like. Things you would change, things you would keep. Also, the Pistons staff under Lawrence Frank: John Loyer, Roy Rogers, Dee Brown, Steve Hetzel, and in Brooklyn: Joe Prunty, John Welch, Eric Hughes, Sean Sweeny.
Hardaway — who will join Brendan Malone, Bob Beyer, Charles Klask and former Heat forward Malik Allen on Van Gundy’s staff — said a coaching job on Erik Spoelstra’s staff wasn’t realistic because “there are guys before me here and I didn’t want to take anything from them.” The Heat acquired Hardaway and Chris Gatling from Golden State, for Kevin Willis and Bimbo Coles, in a midseason trade in 1995-96, and Hardaway and Mourning — over the next 5 ½ seasons — led the Heat to its most success as a franchise up to that point, though kidney disease sidelined Mourning for most of Hardaway’s final season with the team.
The team said Malone and two more assistants, Bob Beyer and Charles Klask, are joining Stan Van Gundy’s staff. Malone was an assistant on Van Gundy’s staff at the Orlando Magic, from 2007-12. He also was a Pistons assistant coach in 1989-90 when Detroit won consecutive NBA championships under Chuck Daly.
It certainly has been a tumultuous opening two months of the season for the Nets, even beyond the disastrous 9-19 start for a team that had been tied with the Knicks for 11th place in the Eastern Conference. Last month, there was Kidd’s decision to reassign assistant coach Lawrence Frank. That came just weeks into the first year of six-year deal that was set to pay him a total of $6 million, after Kidd spent the first few days following his hiring this summer pushing Frank to join his staff. Kidd also confirmed to The Post he has had assistant coach Charles Klask — an assistant under Frank the last two seasons in Detroit — swap roles with advance scout Jim Sann, who was an assistant with the Nets under Frank during Kidd’s playing days with the franchise.