Charlie Sheen Rumors

Sam Cassell has something in common with John Mayer — they both bought expensive watches from the same guy … a guy accused of selling FAKES … and now the former NBA star tells TMZ Sports he’s bringing in experts to see if he got ripped off. We broke the story … Mayer is suing Charlie Sheen’s BFF Robert Maron — claiming he bought $5 million worth of Rolex watches from the guy … some of which turned out NOT to be 100% authentic. Cassell tells TMZ Sports he also bought a watch from Maron — “It’s an A. Lange & Sohne. It cost me a nice piece of change.”
Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen Most Unpopular Celebrities. At the other end of the spectrum, only two of the 100 celebrities asked about were viewed unfavorably by an outright majority of respondents: Paris Hilton (with 60% expressing an unfavorable opinion of her vs. only 12% a favorable one) and Charlie Sheen (52% vs. 22%). The next most unpopular personalities among those rated are: Britney Spears and Kanye West (each of whom is viewed unfavorably by 45%), Arnold Schwarzenegger (44%), Tiger Woods (42%), Kim Kardashian (38%), Mel Gibson (33%), Donald Trump (31%), and LeBron James (29%). Several of these 10 personalities – Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears – are more widely disliked by women than they are by men. The others show relatively comparable proportions of male and female detractors.
Class act Dennis Rodman plans to retire his number 10 jersey tomorrow night at jiggle joint Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club, where he is hosting his 50th-birthday party. Strippers will don Detroit Pistons jerseys before they sashay onto the floor, we are told. Outrageous NBA star Rodman wants his jersey to hang at the strip club permanently, as a nod to the two big loves of his life — basketball and women. According to Rodman’s rep, Jules Feiler, Charlie Sheen has told the tattooed player he might join him at the bash. “Where else would you expect Dennis to celebrate his 50th?” his rep added.
Sports fans don’t just want the good news. They want all of it. When the Mavs struggle, or when a draft pick or trade doesn’t pan out, they want an unfettered, clear-eyed account of why. Cuban is welcome to argue over whether that’s journalism, but he does not have the right to decide who gets to practice it. In our email exchange, Cuban insisted he has the best interests of journalism at heart. “Look at my track record,” he wrote. But his recent track record of chasing disgraced funny man Charlie Sheen around to create a reality show for HDNet suggests exactly what you think it does: Cuban isn’t above the very sensationalism he decries. He’s an active participant who wants more of the action for himself.
Even if that meant relationships. “When I was single and dating, I’d always get this ultimatum: ‘Me or your business’,” said Cuban, who now has been married for nine years and has three children. “I’d just say, ‘What is your name again?'” And what’s the latest about negotiations with Charlie Sheen for either a reality show or a talk show? “Don’t even go there,” Cuban said. “I’m not going to talk about that. Nice try, though.”