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Chauncey Billups on Darvin Ham: 'He's going to be honest as a coach of the Lakers'

The news of Ham’s hiring — which still hasn’t been announced by the Lakers — has been met with endorsements from those who crossed paths with Ham during his career: former coaches, teammates and colleagues lauding the Lakers for handing things over to a first-time coach. “He’s going to be honest as a coach of the Lakers, which is what I think you need in the NBA today — somebody that’s going to be honest but know how to be honest without actually just tearing you down,” former teammate Chauncey Billups, now the coach in Portland said Saturday. “What can you say? He’s won as a player. He’s won as a coach. I mean, this dude is more than qualified for the task at hand. I’m so happy and proud of him. I spoke to him last night and he was so excited.”
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Years later, Billups experienced the same things with Ham as a teammate with the Pistons, one of Ham’s six NBA homes. “I’m sure if you talked to the guys that he played with, he was probably their favorite-teammate type dude. He was always so competitive,” Billups said. “He brought the heat to practice every day. Every time he got in the game, he just raised the level of play. He’s the man. Not one person would say anything bad about him. “He’s that guy.”
JD Shaw: The Blazers have officially named interim general manager Joe Cronin as the team’s new full-time general manager. Statements from chair Jody Allen, Cronin and head coach Chauncey Billups:

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ProCity Hoops: Before the 2018-2019 season, the Mavericks almost traded Dennis Smith Jr. to Phoenix for Mikal Bridges. A higher ranking Mavs team official denied the trade because they believed DSJ had the potential to become Chauncey Billups. (@haralabob / BS Pod)