Cheerleaders Rumors

Jessenia: This past May at our MHD End of Season Celebration I was awarded the “2016-17 Most Improved Dancer.” It was an absolute honor and privilege. It was so fulfilling to be acknowledged and recognized for my hard work. I plan to continue to grow as a dancer and as an individual through the experiences and opportunities given to me by this extraordinary organization both on the court and in the community. I would not have been able to do this without the motivation and advice from my coach, manager, teammates and mentors.
One of my greatest achievements has been becoming a dance teacher to children of all ages. Although being a teacher is not always easy, the truth is it’s very rewarding and enjoyable. Dance is my absolute passion! Becoming a Miami HEAT Dancer has given me the opportunity to learn new things. I am grateful to both our coach, Natalia, and my colleagues because they’ve all pushed me to be better and have helped me grow into the professional dancer that I am today. Working with them has allowed me to experience the vast variety of training they’ve had in different companies, studios and schools. Being exposed to all of this has guided my professional growth, not just as a dancer but as a teacher as well. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned and implement the advice I’ve been given to improve my teaching style.