Chernobyl Rumors

Me: Did you ever get to actually see the cities and countries you played in? Josh Davis: JD: Oh, sure. Moscow, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Greece. We experienced so many cultures, were able to go to eat everywhere. To walk around the Kremlin was amazing. We went to Chernobyl and saw the museum. Me: Were you able to actually go into Chernobyl? JD: It’s still pretty bad up there, but they have tours. When we lived in Kiev, you just did not eat any of the fish that was in the river. You never ate any of the produce that came out of the ground. You had to be careful. They downplay the amount of radiation that was there but when you talk to the people in the museum they kind of told you what was going on. I remember, it was kind of a conspiracy theory for me. They showed you the map of the radiation. The map shows the contamination spreading all around the city of Kiev, but apparantely the radiation never actually entered the city of Kiev. (Laughs.) It was scary. And we had our one-year old daughter there, so we had to work around that.