Cheryl Reeve Rumors

Does Cheryl Reeve — with four WNBA titles in the last seven seasons with the Lynx and a reputation for being strong with both strategy and chemistry — ever think about coaching in the NBA? Reeve made it clear that she loves her current job and her team. But yes, she does think about it. And she should. “I would be lying to say no because the opportunity seems a little closer than it was five years ago,” Reeve, 51, said.
She said Hammon’s role in the NBA is part of the reason it feels more possible than it did in the past. Dialogue creates discussion. Opportunities lead to change. “In every other industry there are women leading men. If the military can do it … ” Reeve said. “But it’s the sports world, it’s a culture. And that needs to change. The sexist mindset is one that’s antiquated.”